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At Learning Leap, we believe that every child has unlimited potential and we want to bring out the best in him/her. Apart from providing a strong academic foundation, we also emphasise on character building and cultivating positive life values.

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Here at Learning Leap, we strive to cultivate our students holistically through academic and character development. Our teachers thoroughly record and monitor every child’s results to better understand their academic performance. In accordance with their results, further coaching will be provided to students when needed.

We also focus on the five qualities of character development – Leadership, Independence, Time management, Self-confidence and Goal Setting.

TESTIMONIALS Here's what parents are saying

My son has been attending Learning Leap Student Care since Primary One. He enjoys going to the student care as the teachers are approachable and caring. Holiday programmes are interesting too. On top of the usual movie day and excursion, Learning Leap also organises workshops such as photography and public speaking. Homework supervision and spelling preparation are done at Learning Leap and this really helps to reduce the stress of a working mother. Thanks Learning Leap!
Phyllis, Parent of Chee Ean Jay
I would like to thank all the teachers and staff at Learning Leap. I remember how anxious and apprehensive I was when Jayden was in Primary 1 at ACSJ.

Thanks to Learning Leap, I was able to focus on my work, knowing that my son is in good hands after school – I have seen how the teachers gather the children at the school foyer to get them up the bus so systematically so that no one will be missed out. His lunch is also settled and he enjoys the salmon rice that is served. This fussy eater has also learnt to eat Japanese curry rice at your centre!

Most importantly, his school homework and spelling are done by the time I pick him up after my long day at work. Some of the afternoons are occupied with educational and fun activities organised by the centre. I also appreciate that the centre offers to send the kids for enrichment classes in the afternoons, as transport arrangements can be made for nearby centres at United Square.

At the centre, Jayden tells me that the teachers are strict, but every day, he comes home happy, and ready to return to his ‘second home’ after school tomorrow. For a mother who is unable to give her afternoons to her son, I am tremendously grateful to Learning Leap.

Thank you and I am looking forward to placing my two daughters in your after-school care soon!

Myra Ho, Parent of Jayden Ong

Aden has been attending Learning Leap since the start of his primary school journey. In the last 2.5 years, our experience with the centre has been great and he enjoys his time at the centre.

As a parent, I know he is in good hands judging from the materials and assessment books that he had brought home, coupled with the fun-filled learning activities that the centre organised for the kids during school holidays. We appreciate the time and patience from the dedicated teachers – Thank you for taking care of Aden.

Michelle, Parent of Aden Kai

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