Learning Leap Student Care – Weekly Schedule

1.00 – 2.30pmArrivalArrivalArrivalArrivalArrival
2.30 – 3.00pmLunch/ ShowerLunch/ ShowerLunch/ ShowerLunch/ ShowerLunch/ Shower
Chinese TutorialHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning Support
3.00 – 4.00pmScience DiscoveryFIITercise
4.00 – 4.15pmTea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea Break
4.15 – 5.00pmHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning SupportHomework/ Learning Support
Learning Leap English RevisionLearning Leap English Revision
5.30 – 6.00pmIndoor/ Outdoor GamesIndoor/ Outdoor GamesRest & RelaxIndoor/ Outdoor GamesIndoor/ Outdoor Games
Silent ReadingSilent ReadingSilent ReadingSilent Reading
6.00 – 7.00pmHome Sweet HomeHome Sweet HomeHome Sweet HomeHome Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home


  1. For Homework/Learning Support, the list of tasks is prioritised according to the following order:
    • Completion of school homework
    • Mastering of the school’s EL/CL spelling
    • Revision worksheets from Learning Leap
    • Homework from Tuition/Parents
  1. Actual timetable may differ slightly according to level.

At Learning Leap, we help students strengthen their skills and knowledge based on lessons taught in school. Time is allocated for students to complete their homework from school before participating in other activities.

Apart from revision on the school syllabus, we offer programmes like Han Yu Pin Yin, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension for students to enhance their knowledge and familiarity with languages.

Science Discovery

With reference to the school syllabus, we supplement and broaden the children’s knowledge through observation activities. It will help to pique students’ interest and appreciation in the topics taught in school.



FIITercise, stands for Fun, Interactive, Inspirational Training. It is a sports-based character development programme aimed at teaching the importance of teamwork, communication, leadership and most importantly, sportsmanship to the students.

Chinese Oracy

As most students struggle with the enunciation and pronunciation of the proper Chinese characters, the programme is setup to help children who have difficulty in their Chinese oral test. Teachers go through various components of oral which aligns with the school’s syllabus.

Reading programme

During reading time, different sections and articles in the newspapers will be assigned to the students based on their level. Following the read-up, our teachers will conduct discussions among the students, allowing them to share their opinions and exchange stories.

This activity allows students to practice their communication and presentation skills casually, increasing their confidence and broadening their general knowledge. The programme also includes book exchange initiatives, monthly featured books, book donations, and students also get to visit libraries.

During school holidays, students will enjoy various non-academic activities. They will be able to take part in cookery sessions, handicraft classes and other workshops opportunities. Field trips will also be arranged for students to experience and learn about operations in different companies. These enriching activities will equip students with skills and knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Timetable during holiday term

7am – 8.30amArrival
8.30am – 9amBreakfast
9am – 11amRevisions/ Enrichments /Workshops
11am – 12pmIndoor games
12pm – 1pmLunch and Shower
1pm – 4pmEnrichment / Workshops
4.00pm – 4.30pmSnack
4.30pm – 6pmGames / Reading
6pm – 7pmHome Sweet Home

*Actual timetable may differ slightly

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