Reading Corner

To encourage children to adopt good reading habits, a reading corner is set up in a designated area at our centre. Books and other educational materials are specifically picked out to suit students’ interests across different age groups.

Nutritious and Balanced Meals

Learning Leap provides in-house cooked meals that are prepared in accordance with childcare meal standards. The meals are designed to be healthy and nutritious which encourages students to cultivate healthy eating habits from a young age. For students with food allergies, their meals will be prepared separately to avoid cross-contact.

Transport Services Available

We provide transportation from selected schools to our student care centre and from the centre to home and/or nearby tuition and enrichment centres, subject to bus availability.

In-house Shower Facilities

We provide in-house shower facilities for students to freshen up upon reaching our centre after school.

Book A Centre Visit

We invite you to visit us at our centre to find out more about our routines and activities and to check out our centre facilities.