Learning Leap Student Care Centre began with a mission to provide the highest standard of student care services, bringing out the leader in every child. Our integrated curriculum focuses on both academic and holistic character development. It aims to support the transition of young learners as they progress through primary school and guide them towards becoming well-rounded future leaders.

Learning Leap is part of Babilou Family Group, a France-incorporated Early Childhood organisation with a network of more than 1,000 nurseries in the world. Backed by a highly experienced and dedicated management team, Babilou Family Singapore will continue to provide quality education and cultivate confident lifelong learners through Learning Leap.


To be the best education school in developing a well-balanced child.


At Learning Leap, we believe in pushing the boundaries of every child to harness their potential for the future. Our centre is designed to meet the needs of our students by providing a safe and secure environment. Only in the right environment, students can be instilled with positive values.

With a strong focus on character development, Learning Leap engages in a wide range of programmes with a clear objective to each activity. We are committed to guiding our students through meaningful play as we nurture their abilities and strengths.

WHY Learning Leap

  • We focus strongly on academic excellence and character development.
  • Examination results are recorded and monitored by teachers. With accordance to the results, coaching will be provided to students in need.
  • Apart from academic development, our teachers prioritise in imparting values to students. With every activity, there is an element of character building. For instance, our team activities provide an opportunity for students to gain leadership skills when they tasked to split into groups.


Our team of passionate teachers strives to provide the best they can to all students. Teachers undergo training under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications periodically to continuously improve themselves. It enhances the teacher’s quality in a student care environment and allows them to better handle the students.

Parents are also a part of our team as we believe that they are the first teachers of their children. Our teaching team constantly seek feedback from parents to further improve themselves.

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At Learning Leap, we believe that every child has unlimited potential and we want to bring out the best in them. As such, we emphasize on character building and cultivating of creativity on top of providing a sound academic education.